J-List is now K-List! A wonderful treasure box from Korea!

Greetings From K-List!

April 1st, 2012

For years we've been fascinated with everything about Korean popular culture, with its quality dramas which have taken over Japanese TV broadcasts to those cute K-POP bands and their awesome moves. On that note, we have a great announcement for you today: We're changing our name to K-List!

We're going to be your one-stop shop for everything awesome from Korea, from the finest Korean versions of popular Japanese snacks to all your favorite K-POP stars and manhwa books! Now we're finally able to bring you the great Korean products you've always wanted, because !

Click any link on this page to browse the new items we've got for you. You've got a friend in Korea!

Today's New Items from Korea!


The Truth About the Sea of Japan
the East Sea

Uncover the all the true, never before heard stories about the history and future of the beloved East Sea in this new book, "The Truth About The East Sea". Plus, you'll find all your other favorite titles, ranging from Korean food, culture and KPOP idols, here at K-List.



We at K-List are very proud to have these new, delicious flavors of Kimchi. Enjoy the refreshing flavor of Cucumber Kimchi, the invigorating taste of Jalapeno Kimchi, the tropical feeling of Pineapple Kimchi, and the luxurious taste of Caviare Kimchi, plus many other. Great for after school snacks.