Gakken Otona no Kagaku vol. 26 -- Science Projects for Adult -- Mini Electric Guitar

Science Project
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About this product:

J-List is happy to have been selected by Gakken as its special international partner for its popular "Otona no Kagaku" (Science for Adults) line of magazine + science projects. Since being founded in 1947, Gakken has created fascinating learning materials about science that have won them fans all over the world. Each issue of Otona no Kagaku gives you all the parts and information you need to build fun and awesome science projects!

This outstanding issue gives you everything you need to make a complete working mini electric guitar, complete with built-in amp and speaker. A fantastic compact design utilizing four strings, you can do almost anything you want with this great science project, including many fun modifications. The book is also fascinating, filled with information on the history of the electric guitar.

English Instructions Information: Gakken has prepared English instructions for this issue, encapsulating the information needed to assemble this project. In addition to a complete English webpage for this issue, you can view the support page for this issue" and download the assembly instructions in PDF format. There's also a page summarizing the Japanese content of the magazine for you. .

This is a science magazine + science project kit from Gakken that's entirely in the Japanese language. While assembly should be easy for most fans, knowledge of Japanese may be required to successfully complete the projects. J-List is unable to assist with individual assembly questions, and all support will be handled by Gakken directly.

This issue of Otona no Kagaku is available to customers for bulk purchasing for educational and other use. For more information contact us via this link.

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