Happy Kitchen Doughnuts

Japanese Snack
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About this product:

Here's a cool and super simple Doughnut cooking set, perfect to make cute afternoon sweets easily. Coming with all the ingredients you need, just mix water or milk to the provided base and use the included mold tray to shape perfect small sized doughnuts.

In this set you'll find custard and chocolate doughnut base; vanilla, strawberry and chocolate cream, topping and a cooking tray. You can make yourself a plateful of delicious-to-eat doughnuts that are tiny yet perfectly glazed and ready to eat. A great new idea from Kracie, the creators of the Popin' Cookin' sushi candy line.

To prepare, get one copy of water ready. Cut the tray as seen in the green picture (click images above), so you have three sections, the main tray, the small measuring cup and the doughnut molds. Step 1: Mix the custard by filling the small plastic cup up to the internal line 4 times and mixing it with the custard mix (the packet with light brown text). When it becomes like cookie dough, cut it into four equal sections. Step 2: Prepare the cocoa dough in the same way, combining the cocoa powder (dark brown text) with four small plastic cups of water. Separate into four equal sections. Step 3: Push one ball of doughnut material into one of the doughnut molds (your choice). Mix custard and cocoa colors for different effects. Step 5: Make the strawberry sauce. Add one plastic cup of water with the strawberry powder (pink text). Step 6: Make the "chocolate pen." Mix chocolate sauce powder (dark text) with one plastic cupful of water and put it in the included bag. Cut a hole for the chocolate to flow out from and decorate your doughnuts. Then eat! By Kracie.