The Japanese KOTATSU (Black/Gray) ~ Reversible

Japanese Traditional Winter Table
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About this product:

Nothing seen in Japanese animation is quite so mysterious as the kotatsu, the traditional way of keeping warm in Japan. Used during the cold winter months, it's a perfect way of gathering friends and family together while watching TV, or keeping your feet warm during those late night study sessions. For those who've always wanted to get an authentic kotatsu of their own, we're happy to make this wonderful item available for purchase here at J-List. This kotatsu table requires some simple assembly. The legs attach to a frame that houses an electric heater on the bottom and supports the top of the table. The table top can also be flipped over to offer a different look (black on one side and grey on the other). When used with a futon (which in this case refers to a square thick blanket, not to something you sleep in), it keeps your legs nice and toasty while you drink hot cocoa or eat mikan oranges. The kotatsu is designed to be used as a handy low table in the summer months -- just put away whatever futon (blanket) you're using and use it as a convenient table. The heater has a knob which raises and lowers the temperature and features the following voltage requirements AC 100V 50/60 Hz 500W. Please use a voltage converter if you live in a 120V or 220V country.

As with proper use of the Kotatsu, please turn off when not in use (before you sleep, leave the house, etc). Additionally, monitor children and pets that may play under the kotatsu and keep any fabric away from the heater to keep it from burning. Avoid sleeping in your kotatsu because the Japanese believe you will catch a cold doing this. If you have a cat, prepare to never see them again because they'll live in your kotatsu.

Because of the weight of this item, it can only be sent by EMS, which unfortunately means that shipping is expensive. Note that the futon (blanket) part is not included.

Length: 75cm (29.5in)
Width: 75cm (29.5in)
Height: 38.50cm (15.2in)

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