NEW Mini Magic Sakura Tree (Cherry Blossom)

Japanese Fashion
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About this product:

Nothing says spring like cherry blossoms, and sakura have become the symbol of Japan during springtime. Here's an awesome cherry tree that will bloom with beautiful colors while you watch! Set up the small tree on its base, and in 10 hours you'll see the most amazing show of blooming flowers ever -- by magic!

To make the sakura flowers bloom, open the package and place the tree on its base. Unfold the many branches so they flow outward from the tree. Open the packet of "magic water" over the tree so that the water touches it, and pools in the tray below (be sure not to let the water spill over the edge of the tray). Pouring the "magic water" over the tree may cause the branches to move inward, so spread them out again if so. In 3-4 hours you'll start to see pink blossoms along the edge of the branches, and in 10-12 hours it will be in full bloom. Note that temperature and moisture in the air can affect blooming length. For best results, display the tree in an area between 60-78 degrees F (15-25 degrees C) with a humidity of 40-60%. Made In JAPAN. (pgsakura) (instock)