Echo Base ~ Star Wars Parody (T-Shirt)

J-List Original T-Shirt
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About this product:

We just can't help getting creative with our original Japanese T-shirt designs, and our newest creation blends the famous logo of clothing maker Ecko Unlimited with that beloved sci-fi icon, the Walkers. The two design elements combine to make an awesome parody T-shirt that will surely raise your "geek cred" and get you many comments from cool people you encounter. Printed on an athletic grey T-shirt.

Design (c) J-List Co. Ltd., all rights reserved. Designed by AKwa.

This is an original J-List T-shirt, hand-silkscreened in J-List's San Diego office by our trained staff of T-shirt printers (not mass-produced in Asia). The shirt is printed with a "flash" layer below the design, to keep it from showing the shirt color, and heated at 330 degrees Farenheit to cure the ink for long life.

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