Bull-Dog Sauce

Japanese Food
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About this product:

In Japan, there are many delicious things. One thing foreigners positively fall in love with is Japanese "sauce" (that's what it's called, just "sauce" in English, although the official name is tonkatsu sauce). A kind of thick, brown sauce that goes with a broad range of delicious food, we recommend sauce with fried food (croquettes, fried and breaded shrimp), eggs, yakisoba, takoyaki or okonomiyaki, and more. Peter loves to eat Japanese karaage (fried chicken) on rice, with lots of sauce on top, so that the sauce flows down over the chicken and into the rice. This is a handy bottle of 170ml of sauce for you, for many delicious servings! Made by the Bulldog Sauce Company, founded in 1926.

This sauce is the unofficial official condiment of the "There's No Way my Younger Sister Could Be This Cute" (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, aka Oreimo). (instock)