Tarako Furikake - Cod Roe

Japanese Food
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About this product:

With the many many varieties of Furikake (food condiment sprinkled over rice -- 'furikakeru' means to 'sprinkle' in Japanese cooking terms), how could you ever get bored of eating rice? Here's a furikake flavor of one of the mosts popular tastes in Japan: Tarako (Cod Roe) makes its appearance in many Japanese dishes, and even on pizza and pasta. This Tarako furikake is healthy but it's even more fun to eat because it's pink! This is a blend of sesame, seaweed, and of course tarako (and other yummy ingredients). A tasty addition to your next gohan (rice or meal) sit-down. Why just eat something healthy when you can eat something healthy, traditional, and cute? Goes great with bento lunches, too! (bentokitchen) (instock)