"Takumi Jussen" Japanese Brewage Chocolate Collection (Bonbon Chocolates) Set of 10

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In stock
Ships From Japan
This is the Takumi Jussen Japanese Brewage Chocolate Colection box, a collection of deluxe chocolates with premium Japanese sake flavors inside.

Enjoy the taste of real Japanese sake flavors with these deluxe chocolates. Each is individually wrapped and filled with a traditional type of Japanese sake. This is the Takumi Jussen Japanese Brewage Chocolate collection. There are ten chocolates total, each of a different type of sake liquors: Joppari, Masukagami, Akita Homare, Hokusetsu, Ginrei Gassan, Manzairaku Kaga Umesyu, Kishu Akai Umeshu, Jussui Densetsu, Tenpo, and Goma Shochu Beniotome Kuro. Each piece is creamy milk chocolate with a center of real Japanese liquor with an actual alcohol content around 3% to 4%. A delicious treat made in Japan. NOT FOR CHILDREN.
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