Kanro Color Pencil Candy Collection (8 Flavors)

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For a fun and tasty treat from Japan to try with your friends and family. These "color pencil" candies look more like crystals than candies, but are certainly a unique candy form Japan, with eight different candy flavors: lime, green apple, lemon, mango, grape fruit, cranberry, grape and soda. One package contains about 25 candies. Please note these are not full-length pencil candies, but miniature sized candies.

Allergy information: This product contains orange, peach, apple, grape, and melon.

[Ingredients]: Sugar, syrup, concentrated fruit juice (grape, orange, strawberry, peach, melon), acidulant, flavoring (orange, derived from apples), baking soda, coloring (vegetable dyes, gardenia, caramel, turmeric, carotenoids)
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