Lotte Fusen no Mi -- Strawberry, Melon & Yogurt Flavor

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This is the Strawberry, Melon and Yogurt flavor of Lotte's delightful bubble gum Fusen no Mi.

A bubble gum that will test your luck, this is the wacky Fuusen No Mi gum from Lotte. In this cool plastic dispenser are beads of sweet bubble gum which you can chew to your heart's delight. Great fun in a bubble gum -- just close your eyes, shake and pop in your mouth! Try the new Strawberry, Melon, and Yogurt flavor!

Allergy information: This product contains gelatin.

Sugar, dextrose, syrup, maltose, rice flour, cacao extract, gum base, acidulant, softening agent, flavoring, thickening polysaccharide, brightener, coloring agent (flavonoid, vegetable pigment, carotenoid) Including gelatin)
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