Dr. STONE - 2020 Anime Calendar

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This is a 2020 anime calendar featuring the popular anime Dr. Stone.

Dr. Stone is the story of burly high school boy named Taiju who’s finally ready to confess his love to classmate Yuzuriha after five years of waiting. As Taiju’s science-loving friend Senkuu looks on, a strange green light appears, and all humanity on earth is turned to stone right where they’re standing…for 3700 years. Eventually, Taiju is able to escape from his petrification, and finds that Senkuu has escaped his own stone prison half a year earlier. Together they hatch a plan: Senkuu wants to free the other frozen humans and restore human society, and Taiju wants to free Yuzuriha so he can finish his declaration of love to her.

Beautiful glossy pictures and tons high quality prints of your favorite characters, you'll be very happy with this new calendar.
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