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Candy that you make yourself is somehow more fun to eat, and one popular category of Japanese snack is Neru Neru Nerune (lit. "Nerune candy that you mix and knead"), similar to the Popin' Cookin' line or Neri Ame liquid candy. This is a package that includes everything you need to make some wacky Japanese "kneading candy."

To prepare, put the powder packet marked "1" into the included tray, and add one spoonful of water using the included triangle-shaped spoon. Add packet "2" and mix with the included stick, until the color changes and the candy starts to get firm. Add the decorative sparkles (packet "3") in the right side of the tray, and dip the hardening candy into the sparkles, and eat. Repeat until you've eaten it all! By Kracie, one of our favorite companies.

This set of three packages is grape flavor.

Allergy: Egg, Wheat

Sugar, flour candy, syrup, glucose, egg white powder, starch, acidulant, baking soda, polysaccharide thickener, flavoring, calcium carbonate, coloring (vegetable pigment, gardenia)
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