Kanro Pure Gummy -- Grape Flavor

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Ships From Japan

This is a cool treat from the Kanro snack factory, this is 'Pure' gummy candy! This delicious gummy snack is lightly sprinkled with a light sour powder to bring you a unique taste in this snack. Soft, chewy, and made of lime juice for that sweet and sour flavor your taste buds crave. Approximately 10 gummy pieces, each packed with vitamin C, in each bag! (contains gelatin). This is their new grape flavor.

Allergy: Pork Gelatin, Grape, Milk

[Ingredients]: sugar, syrup, gelatin (made from pigskin.), concentrated grape juice, collagen peptide, acidulant, thickener (pectin), calcium carbonate, flavoring, coloring (anthocyanin, gardenia), vitamin C
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