Fujiya Country Ma'am Soft Cookies -- Vanilla

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When you think about chocolate chip cookies the first thing that comes to mind is the countryside of Japan. Well... maybe not, but the folks at Fujiya certainly love this American confection and helped make it their own with their "Country Ma'am" cookies! Always a favorite among the young and young at heart, each bag consists of individually wrapped soft cookies which you can either eat right out of the bag or warm up by the microwave or conventional oven to make it even more delicious. Fill up a tall glass of milk and share some quality time with your kids with this delicious snack.

Allergy information: Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soy

Flour, sugar, (including milk) vegetable oils and fats, chocolate chips, syrup reduction, (including milk) white Nerian, eggs, full-fat soy flour, cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder, syrup, salt, egg yolks, whole milk powder, dextrin, modified starch, emulsifier (soy derived), fragrance (derived from soy milk), stabilizer (modified starch), leavening agent, caramel color
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