Frito-Lay Takoyaki Puff Snack

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Takoyaki are a special delicacy from Osaka of tako (octopus) slices that are mixed in a batter, formed into bite size spheres and smothered with a yummy sauce that's eagerly devoured by everyone within arms reach of it. Frito-Lay of Japan brings this special treat to your door without all the fuss and muss of making them yourself, with the puffy Takoyaki snacks. A light and fluffy corn puff snack, but packed with Takoyaki flavor, you'll find yourself finishing the whole bag before realize it. Fantastic for fans of Japanese flavored snacks.

Allergy information: Milk, wheat, soy, chicken, apples

Corn (not genetically modified), vegetable oil, powder source (Otafuku source), sugar, tomato flavor powder, salt, protein hydrolyzate, sea lettuce, powdered vinegar, spices, powdered dried bonito, octopus powder, seasoning (such as amino acids) , eggshell calcium, coloring, milk, wheat, soy, chicken, apples)(caramel, carotenoids), flavoring, acidulant, sweeteners (sucralose, stevia, licorice), spice extracts,
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