Mikakuto Shigekix Super Ramune

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In stock
Ships From Japan

A wonderful and highly unique Japanese snack treat, this is one of our favorites here at J-List -- Shigekix, a wonderful ramune soda "hard gummi" (the same texture and quality as gummi, but in a chewy, harder version). Extremely sour, this thrilling lemon treat will surely cause your face to contort as you eat it. It's great fun, and each package has only 89 calories. (Note: "shigeki" means "stimulation" in Japanese, so it's a stimulating kick to your mouth that's great fun.)

Allergy information: Gelatin, Apple, milk

Sugar, gelatin, concentrated apple juice, lactic acid bacteria drinks, fructose glucose liquid sugar, syrup, sweeteners (sorbitol, acesulfame K, sucralose), gelling agent (thickening polysaccharides), acidulant, modified starch, glycerin, vitamin C, perfume, calcium carbonate, coloring (gardenia, carotenoids), brightening agent
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