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  • SENPAI HACHIMAKI Please notice me Senpai
    Japan has a very strict culture on based on ranking relating to senpai (those who have been in a company longer than you have, aka seniors) and kohai (those who have been in a company for a shorter time than yourself, aka freshmen). Typically, the kohai respect their senpai, but sometimes it goes beyond respect like admiration or love, specially in anime. One common occurrence in anime is that a kohai is in love with her senpai but the he doesn't love her, to which the kohai wishes her senpai would notice her. When you want to show your spirit and declare to the world that you want your senpai to notice you, there's nothing like wearing a Japanese headband, known as hachimaki in Japanese. This is an elegant white Japanese headband which shows its beautiful kanji message in black. The message on this headband says senpai.
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  • HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA Future Tone DX
    This is a great item for Hatsune Miku fans, the final release of the game series, meticulously designed to be the best version ever. A Perfect Edition game that comes with all 238 official songs, all 396 items of clothing for Miku and the other Vocaloids to ear, this is the one you want to buy. This first pressing of the game comes with a Special Mini Soundtrack on CD and a download card for extra goodies. About this software product: This is a Japanese-language game for the PlayStation 4. It is compatible with all PS4 units regardless of country of manufacture.
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  • Kitty Cat Fukubukuro Lucky Bag 2019 (San Diego) - Version 3
    Our Kitty Cat Lucky Bags are so popular versions 1 and 2 sold out quickly. This is version 3 which is a large bag of plushies and toys for cat lovers. In Japan, they have a fun custom around New Year's for stores to sell sealed "lucky bags" filled with unknown contents to customers, which feature items valued at much more than the price of the bag. These "fukubukuro" grab bags are so popular, you can see lines of customers waiting to buy them at department stores. And J-List brings this great tradition to our customers, too! Each box contains seven nyantastic items like several plushies (small to large) and cat themed toys. The original value of all these items are more than $90, but you can get these items for much less! This year we've worked extra hard to prepare a great lineup of cat plushies and toys, shipped from our San Diego location. For customers purchasing multiple lucky bags shipping might be delayed as they require repacking the items in one large box and we might ask for additional shipping fee for sending the large box via EMS.
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  • GIRLS und PANZER Dream Tank Match
    Ever wanted to pilot tanks and do battle against cute tank musume? Now you can, with this great new game in the Girls und Panzer. Pilot your tank, drive around the town and do actual battle against other tanks. It's totally fun, and all your favorite GalPan characters are there. Features two original story modes to play through, plus you can do online play against up to ten real people at once. So much fun! About this software product: This is a Japanese-language game for the PlayStation 4. It is compatible with all PS4 units regardless of country of manufacture.
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  • Morinaga Milk Caramel
    Another wonderful treat from Japan, this is the famous Morinaga Milk Caramel, a delicious classic dark caramel with over 100 years of history, dating back from the Meiji period. Each box contains 12 delicious caramels. A great item with a delicious taste and long history. In the short film Mei and the Kitten Bus (Mei to Koneko no Bus), the sequel to Totoro that's shown at the Ghibli Museum, Mei befriends a young Catbus by giving it one of these delicious caramels. A great item for collectors of 'dagashi' traditional Japanese sweets from the Showa Period.
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  • Pandora x Strip - Pansuto vol. 1
    "You need some counseling, that's for sure." That's the tagline on this fun sexy manga from Kazuto Okada and Young Champion Comics, which is about a young boy named Taichi who goes to the school nurse's office a lot with a stomachache...but he's really there to check out her sexy stocking-covered legs and panties. When he's caught taking pictures of her with his phone, she punishes him by forcing him to masturbate while she films him with his own camera. His strange fascination with his school nurse continues in many enjoyable directions... The manga is 170 pages. The best thing about it there is almost no overt nudity, instead the reader is required to use his imagination.
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  • Miho Nishizumi 1/16 UDF Figure -- Girls und Panzer das Finale
    An ultra detail figure from the popular moe military animated film series Girls und Panzer das Finale. This figure features a faithful design of Miho Hishizumi in her tank uniform with a dynamic pose that's perfect for displaying. Excellent craftsmanship and full of details. A must-have for Girls und Panzer fans everywhere. By Medicom Toy.
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  • Pixie Figma Action Figure -- Shin Megami Tensei
    For fans of the cult classic video game Shin Megami Tensei, we got this awesome figure of Pixie! Featuring Pixie in her signature costume, she comes with two face plates, extra hands, and more. Another masterpiece by top figure maker FREEing.
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  • Yang Wen-li Nendoroid Figure -- Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These
    The Invincible Magician of the Free Planets Alliance from the modern reboot of Legend of the Galactic Heroes gets his own Nendoroid figure. Yang Wen-li is shown in his classic military uniform and signature hairstyle. He comes with a couple of accessories including three expressions, cup of tea, books, extra hands and more. By Good Smile Company. =
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  • Harley Quinn Nendoroid Figure Sengoku Edition -- Batman Ninja
    Fans of the over the top animated film Batman Ninja will love this figma action figure of Harley Quinn. She is extremely posable and comes with a number of extra parts such as two expressions, Taiko weapon, gun, extra hands and more so you can reenact memorable scenes from the anime. A great collectors item for fans of Batman! By Good Smile Company.
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  • Kantoku 15th Anniversary BOOK - After School Memorial
    We have a new fantastic art book by master artist Kantoku. This is a gorgeous artbook that celebrates his 15th anniversary of working in the industry. The art book is filled with over 150 unique illustrations by Kantoku. The print quality is absolutely gorgeous, and we could stare at his kawaii heroines for hours on end each day. Comes with 148 pages. Also included is a special interview with Kantoku himself.
  • ONPO Bubbling Bath Tablet   Forest
    Our customers love wonderful seasonal items from Japan that we carry, and what better way to get through fall and winter than with awesome bubbling bath tablets? This is a fun set of forest scents guaranteed to help you relax. There are 20 tablets, each individually wrapped. The scents are fresh forest leaves, revitalizing citrus, coniferous forest, and cypress. Great for the cooler months, they help relieve tiredness, chills, sore shoulder and back aches as well as promote circulation.
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  • Comfortable Knee High Socks Black
    We found these cool knee high socks and thought they are perfect for fashion and cosplay. This is made with cotton and polyester so it's comfy to wear while looking good. This pair of socks is an excellent and fun accessory to have around. Made for those who love the Japanese style of fashion or cosplaying.
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  • Good Snow Viewing Hot Springs - Yukimi Nigoriyu no Yado
    How would you like to visit the most famous onsen hot Springs in all Japan, without leaving your house? That's what you get with this wonderful new set of Japanese bath tablets, which re-create the actual mineral content of these wonderful volcanic baths. to use, open one foil packet and insert the bath tablet into your bath, and enjoy heaven as the fizzing bubbles massage your cares away. There are four aromas in the box: Hakone Onsen, Ishiwa, Manza and Ginsan, each from a different part of Japan, some of which feature a history of more than 2000 years. NOTE: do not ever drink or consume water containing Japanese bath tablets.
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  • Lun Lun Panda Bento Pick
    Japan seriously love panda bears, and nothing makes a bento lunch cuter than adding some kawaii pandas to it. Here's a set of extremely cute panda themed bento picks, eight in all, which come in two sizes, medium and long. Use them to decorate your bento lunch or use them to eat with! Made by Torune.
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  • Kanji Practice Flashcards vol.1 Series 3 - JLPT N5 & N4   White Rabbit
    A great new tool for anyone aspiring to study Japanese, this is a totally revised and updated set of high-quality laminated study cards that feature all the kanji you need to master for the Japanese Proficiency Test, levels N5 & N4, the first two levels that students of Japanese should attempt. A meticulously researched set of die-cut cards, you get 103 introductory and 181 intermediate cards. The double-sided flashcards each feature 6 kanji compound words for more than 1700 vocabulary words, all readings for each kanji, and a writing guide to allow to you learn to write each kanji in the correct stroke order. The cards are printed on 12 point Caroline card stock with rounded corners for increased durability. Importantly, all Japanese words are written in hiragana and katakana, without any romanized Japanese words -- the recommended way to master reading Japanese. The cards also come with a high-quality reference card for hiragana and katakana and an index. Comes with high-quality two-part box with plastic tray, that allows you to separate the sets of cards. This new set has been updated, with improved card designs and a thicker, baked-on UV finish for longer life, the addition of radicals on kanji cards, and other improvements. This is the series 3 edition, by White Rabbit. Great for studying the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).
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  • Felix Gum Box
    One of the most often-requested items at J-List, this is the cult classic favorite Felix the Cat gum! Featuring the famous cartoon cat on every piece individually wrapped piece, it is a cool and funky way to enjoy blowing bubbles in Japanese style. With it's strong strawberry flavor you won't be able to resist this great item! This is a full pack of 60 pieces, shrink-wrapped for extra freshness. Also, mixed in with the normal pieces of this delicious gum are "lucky" pieces with special messages inside. A great item from Japan for fans of 'dagashi' (the traditional candy and gum of the Showa Period). [Ingredients] Sugar, glucose, starch syrup, starch, gum base, softening agent, acidulant, flavoring, purple corn color
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  • School Swimsuit Umbrella
    Prepare for the rainy season with this awesome School Swimsuit Umbrella! This is not your ordinary anime umbrella with just a picture of an anime girl on the front/top side of the umbrella, this features a cleverly illustrated upskirt view of a girl wearing a school swimsuit on the bottom/under side of the umbrella. It's like looking up on a 2D girl's skirt. Genius! Use it on rainy or even sunny days. A truly great innovation from Japan.
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  • Mama's Assist Tea Cup Cute Animals Picks
    Create your own bento lunch box zoo, featuring these very kawaii animal fork picks by Mama's Assist. There are a total of 4 different animals: 2 dogs, one cat, and a rabbit. Very colorful and a great way to add a splash of fun to even simple cooking, like snacks and frozen foods. Each set contains 8 picks (2 for each type of animal design). Great for parties or just everyday fun. Brought to you by Torune.
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  • TOTORO SASTSUKI and MEI Home Handkerchief
    Keep the wonder characters from Studio Ghibli, the creators of My Neighbor Totoro, with you all throughout the day with these high quality cotton handkerchiefs. This one shows the cute house of Mei. This soft towel is very useful in the bathroom, in your purse, or even as an accessory for your bento lunch. An officially licensed Ghibli product from Japan.
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  • Rem 1/7 Figure Soine ver. -- Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-
    Fans of popular anime Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu will want to get their hands on this very beautiful figure of our favorite heroine Rem. She is presented waiting for you on the bed with nothing but her underwear. The pillow and sheets are made from real fabric while the bath towel is made from Microfiber. A truly amazing and rare figure collectors should not miss.
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  • Marie Rose 1/5 Figure -- DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round
    This item requires EMS Express shipping due to its size. Thank you for understanding. MAX Factory is a superb figure maker that caters to those who have a higher quality in their taste for figures. In their latest addition to their lineup, they feature the cute little fighter, Marie Rose from the popular fighting game Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Marie Rose, comes to you in her alternate school swimsuit-like costume. The craftsmen at MAX Factory have done a great job capturing her youthful and innocent look as well as her costume which has great detail from frills to the ribbons. An exceptionally amazing figure for fans of Dead or Alive!
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  • Neko Bus 2019 Schedule Book
    Keep track of your schedule Ghibli style with this beautiful illustrated Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro schedule book. Designed for the calendar year 2019, this schedule book is full of artwork starring your favorite cute My Neighbor Totoro characters. An official Studio Ghibli product. By Ensky. A great schedule book for serious Ghibli anime fans!
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  • Kiki's Delivery Service 2019 Schedule Book
    Keep track of your schedule Ghibli style with this beautiful illustrated Kiki's Delivery Service schedule book. Designed for the calendar year 2019, this schedule book is full of artwork starring your favorite cute Kiki's Delivery Service characters. 80 pages. An official Studio Ghibli product. By Ensky. A great schedule book for serious Ghibli anime fans! This is the black version.
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  • Yang Xiao Long 1/8 Figure -- RWBY
    This is a gorgeous 1/8th scale figure of Yang Xiao Long, the kickass blonde brawler from the popular 3D CGI Anime series RWBY. She comes in her signature cowgirl look while wearing her Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets, Ember Celica. She looks absolutely beautiful in figure form, with great sculpting and painting. Fans should not miss this wonderful figure by Di molto bene.
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  • Hydrangea Macrophylla no Yousei Anabelle 1/6 Tony's Heroine Collection Figure
    Another great design from amazing bishoujo illustrator; Tony Taka gets an awesome figure. Featuring Annabelle from Tony's Heroine Collection. We're very impressed with bishoujo figure maker Kotobukiya for perfectly replicating Tony's signature character design. The butterfly wings are gorgeous, Annabelle's lingerie and pose is so hot, and her expression is just full of life. This item requires EMS Express shipping due to its size. Thank you for understanding.
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  • UHA Puccho -- Grape Flavor
    Based on the delicious chewing gum from Japan, this is the wildly popular flavored soft candy called Puccho. This particular flavor of Puccho is Grape flavor! With a juicy gummy inside, each package contains 10 pieces and has a great gum like texture although you can swallow it like candy. A fantastic soft candy from the geniuses at UHA of Japan! Allergy Information: This product contains milk, orange, soybeans, apple, and gelatin.
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  • 2019 Anime Calendar -- Detective Conan
    Detective Conan (aka Case Closed) is a series thought up by Gosho Aoyama which originated in Shonen Sunday magazine in Japan. A highly infectious series, it's a story of 17 year old high school student and detective genius Jimmy Kudo, who witnesses a suspicious deal in the shadows. Being caught and forced to take poison, his captors mistook him for being dead, but instead left him alive as a little boy. Now taking on the alias Conan Edogawa, he uses his abilities to solve crimes with the ability to roam around anonymously as a little boy with no one to hinder his investigations. For fans of this series, here's a new calendar for you to enjoy!
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  • 2019 Anime Calendar -- My Neighbor Totoro
    Don't miss this new calendar from Studio Ghibli, which is loaded with gorgeous art from the undying Miyazaki masterpiece "My Neighbor Totoro." A wall calendar, this is a great item for you and your loved ones.
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  • Excellent Scenery of Mt. Fuji - 2019 Calendar
    Mt. Fuji (Fuji-san) is perhaps the most recognizable landmark of Japan, symbolizing both power and beauty for the country, and is a constant subject for all photographers. Celebrate the new year with breath taking scenery from year round featuring this grand landmark.
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  • Touhou Project Perfect Math Cirno PVC 1/8 Scale Figure
    Touhou fans! Check out this great new 1/8 scale figure featuring the adorable ice fairy Cirno rendered in a kawaii style. Cirno is shown wearing her usual blue and white dress but this time she's also wearing red glasses, while holding a book and making a kawaii pose. We just love the amount of detail in Cirno, specially her dress that looks so amazing. A perfect Touhou item to add to your collection.
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  • If My Cat Turned a Cute Girl
    If you like cats and cute Japanese girls then this book is for you. This is a wonderful photobook that answers the important question, "What if your cat turned into a cute girl?" Featuring several popular sexy gravure models and real cute kitties posing for your enjoyment, some in extremely sexy positions and costumes including the Virgin Killer Sweater. A great photobook to add to your sexy model collection.
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  • Navy Lace Bra & Shorts - Otokonoko 2L
    Another wonderful item by Tamatoys for fans of cross-dressing and "otokonoko" or "trap" themes, this is a delicate and lovely navy blue colored frill lace bra and panty intended for use by male customers (though larger females would be able to wear it too) The set consists of a bra as well as panties, complete with ribbons to make your transformation complete. The size is 2L.
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    Japanese schoolgirls carrying school bags have a certain unique charm which Marutar successfully captures in this brand new doujinshi. Featuring beautiful illustrations of schoolgirls in their uniforms as well as school bags for you to enjoy looking at.
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  • Red Hana-Yuzen Chopsticks & Case Set
    Wow, another gorgeous chopstick set that is perfect for a samurai. This set comes with a pair of long, black chopsticks and a carrying case. Both are designed with gorgeous red and gold sakura petals on a black backdrop. A stylish was to enjoy great food. A really great item for anyone who loves eating delicious Japanese food! Made in Japan.
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  • Wa! Katanuki Cutter Set
    Add cute bear faces to your bento creations, with this new bento shape cutter. Great for soft foods, like meats, cheeses, breads, boiled vegetables or seaweed. Simply press down and using the supplied tools, you can easily remove your newly make kawaii faces. Four included sizes, measuring between 7cm and 3cm in diameter. A great little addition to have for making cute foods. Also useable as a cookie cutter. By Torune and Mama's Assist.
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