Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Asuka Langley Shikinami Figure -- Rebuild of Evangelion
    Flare has a new figure for fans of Asuka Langley Shikinami from Evangelion franchise. Based on the design by Shunya Yamashita, Asuka is brought to live with this highly detailed and sexy semi realistic rendition of the character with a beautiful red color scheme. This is going to be a great addition to your current collection of Eva figures. This is a preorder scheduled for release in November 2018.
  • Evachu   Pikachu x Evangelion Parody (T-Shirt)
    Our customers know that J-List loves a good parody anime T-shirt, and here's a new design that will bring fans of Pokemon and Evangelion together: Evachu! The most fearsome Eva unit ever, Evachu combines incredible power with the ability to shock angels with electricity during battle. Fun! Enjoy this wacky new T-shirt offering , one the best parody anime T-shirts weve ever made. This product ships out of our San Diego location for your convenience.
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  • 2018 Anime Calendar - Evangelion
    Evangelion, the defining anime of the '90s, continues to inspire the imaginations of all those who followed it, and the characters and mecha designs are still much beloved. This year we have another great Neon Genesis Evangelion calendar for the Eva fans, filled with excellent artwork from the genre making and breaking GAINAX creation.
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  • Pink/Red -- Feminine Half-Frame Anime Cosplay Glasses
    This excellent pair of cosplay glasses were designed after characters who wear a similar style, like Mari from Evangelion and Homura from Madoka Magica. These glasses come complete with non-corrective lenses that also provide UV protection. This one-size fits all accessory is a must have for cosplayers who like to dress as our favorite glasses-wearing heroines. Made in Japan. These are red frames.
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  • COSPLAY MODE July 2016
    For Cosplay fans, there is only one official magazine, CosPLAY Mode -- a magazine for women (and pretty boy men) who love cosplay, costumes and style. Every issue containing high quality photos of amateur and professional cosplayers donning their gear and posing at studios and conventions. This is a great resource of ideas and tips on how to become your favorite anime and game characters, with hundreds of full color photos, tips on making accessories and costumes, makeup and hair style guides -- each issue is a treasure trove of information that can be enjoyed by hardcore cosplayers and novices alike. For omake in this issue you get a full cosplay sewing pattern. Plus, great cosplay articles and photoshoots of both professionals and amateurs. Learn how to dress up as your favorite characters!
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  • Shingeki no Eva   Attack on Titan x Evangelion Parody Shirt (T-Shirt)
    Spanning two generations of anime fans, this new Japanese T-shirt is a great one, featuring a crossover parody t-shirt takes the iconic image of Eren Yeager and the Titan from Attack on Titan and places it in the world of Evangelion with Shinji and Eva Unit 01. For fans of either series, this parody shirt is sure to please fans of all ages. The stylish, high quality artwork has an impact as powerful as the series it was inspired from. We're very proud to be posting this original T-shirt design. This product ships out of our San Diego location for your convenience.
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  • Rei Ayanami Parfom Figure -- Rebuild of Evangelion
    Fans of the phenominal anime series Evangelion, great news! Our beloved Rei Ayanami gets a Parfom figure. She comes in her signature white plug suit and accessories including three expressions, Gendo Ikari's glasses, and more. Her cute pose and cool character design is just so mesmerizing. So kawaii! From Phat Company. This is a preorder scheduled for release in April 2018.
  • Cu-poche - Rebuild of Evangelion: Rei Ayanami Posable Figure
    Rei Ayanami gets a cute Cu-poche Action Figure courtesy of Kotobukiya! She is in a cute chibi form and pretty much posable. She comes with 2 face parts for different types of expressions such as smiling or normal. She also comes with a ton of optional parts like articulated support pole, base, optional hands, and school bag. Highly recommended for fans of Evangelion.
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