Lotte "No Time" Gum

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A wonderful gum from Lotte and one of my first loves when I came to Japan, this is Lotte's "No Time," a delicious cube-shaped gum that brushes your teeth after meals, with tiny granules that remove plaque and clean your teeth. A wonderful item from Lotte! With all Lotte's delicious popular chewing gum, you get not only tasty chewing enjoyment, but funny English as well! In each pack of Lotte gum there are rare sticks that say "Yes, Chewing!" on them.

Allergy Information: Gelatin


Palatinose, reduced palatinose, reduced maltose syrup, oolong tea extract, gum base, sweeteners (xylitol), perfume, carbonate Ca, softening agents, lactic acid Ca, thickener (gum arabic), coloring (copper chlorophyll, gardenia), Mutasutein , vitamins milk, gelatin
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