J-List Best Seller Value Snack Set for Stocking Stuffer

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This is the J-List Best Seller Value Snack Set for Stocking Stuffer, a delicious set of treats handpicked by us to give you a taste of globally popular Japanese snacks at an affordable price.

Note: Contents might slightly differ depending on the stock availability of the items.

This special snack pack of great treats from Japan has carefully been selected by our own J-List personnel to represent a variety of different flavors and tastes. Thirteen different products. An amazing selection of Japanese snacks and sweets we know you will love. Snacks include:

Meltykiss Premium Chocolate
Jagabee Original Flavor
Korokke no Manma
Rich Shrimp Curry Rice Cracker
Kit Kat Green Tea Flavor
Pizza Potato
Big Thunder Chocolate
Cheeza Camembert
Premium Fresh Hi-Chew Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon Grape Flavor
Kin no Milk Candy
Long Man Gummy
Lucky Mayonnaise Curry Rice Cracker
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