Lotte Black Black Gum (Spicy Caffeine Gum)

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A great chewing gum with a strong, minty flavor that's designed to give you a lift and wake you up, this popular gum is loaded with caffeine. Made famous all around the world by the Internet (and mentioned in Wired Magazine), this is a unique chewing gum, refreshing and full of energy that wakes you up -- and quickly, too, since caffeine in gum is absorbed 3 times faster than coffee. Jean-Claude van Dam did their commercials here in Japan. This is a delicious and flavorful gum with a real punch and super caffeine to keep you up and operating.With all Lotte's delicious popular chewing gum, you get not only tasty chewing enjoyment, but funny English as well! In each pack of Lotte gum there are rare sticks that say "Yes, Chewing!" on them. Order 15 packs and we'll send you a shrinkwrapped box!

Note: this product contains niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B-3 that has many beneficial properties. In Japanese, this ingredient is called "nikochin san amido" which caused some questions about the possibility that nicotine was present in this product. We have verified that there is no nicotine in Black Black. For more information on niacinamide, read this link.

The ingredients in Black Black are: sugar, starch syrup, grape sugar, erythritol, oolong tea extract, gingko extract, chrysanthemum flower extract, gum base, flavorings, coloring agents (cacao, gardenia), caffeine, niacinamide. Product contains gelatin.
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